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Exposure 101: Aperture

The effects of changing shutter speed are pretty straightforward to understand. But now let’s look at the second of those exposure controls we mentioned in our introduction, aperture. Aperture is just the name given to the size of  the hole in the middle of the lens that restricts the amount of light it passes…

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Exposure 101: Shutter speed

Photography’s a funny thing…  With most arts and crafts you start with a nothing apart from say paper and paint or a bucket of clay and fashion something of beauty from that.  Photography works the other way around:  we start with a fully formed scene in front of us and…

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Exposure 101: An introduction

Sometimes things are just easy. We point our camera at our family and get a perfectly exposed picture. In AUTO mode. Why on earth would we want to complicate our lives by using anything else? Let’s step back a moment…  What is exposure anyway? Well, let’s see.  We’ve got something  at…

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